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Being in the vanguard of matters maritime, it is befitting of the University of Mumbai to start a Centre of Excellence in Maritime Studies (CEMAS) dedicated to Maritime Studies. Through this unique Centre, the University is embarking towards bolstering higher education and research in maritime studies. The Centre is expected to have a broad based and interdisciplinary focus, taking cognizance of the borderless realms of marine and maritime studies, which will cover the entire gambit of Maritime Laws, Trade, Commerce, Logistics, Science and Technology. CEMAS will be offering PG Diploma, Masters and PhD programmes in Maritime Studies, with innovative approaches to curriculum development and delivery.

Goal of CEMAS

  • Introduce research activities like Doctoral research and other programmes/ courses, such as Masters, PG Diploma and Certificate Courses, with focus on Maritime Studies
  • Offer programmes and courses with curricula that will have inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approaches
  • Academic and research cooperation with National Institute of oceanography, Goa , other national maritime and marine premier research organisations and knowledge partnership with Naval War College, Goa,
  • Establish a Kanhoji Angre Research Centre in this University, as a focal point for higher research and in-depth study of issues related to Maritime Security and Maritime History
  • Aid in organising maritime heritage educational tours for Indian and international tourists, particularly school/ college students
  • Aim to collaborate with various Indian organisations for advancement of research and value added courses and workshops
  • Connect with other national and international Universities with established maritime research centres/ departments to draw on their research and technological strengths
  • Connect at the international level, particularly with India’s diaspora communities

Director’s DESK

"The Indian Ocean as Memory Space": The Indian Diaspora in Mauritius, East and South Africa

[ Interdisciplinary International Diaspora Lecture Series ]

28 September 2021 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM

University of Mumbai

Aims & Objectives of CEMAS

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To provide a platform for quality higher education and research in the interdisciplinary domain of Maritime Studies to cater to the global, national and local manpower requirements in this sector.

To enhance maritime awareness, understanding and consciousness amongst the youth and future generations, towards supporting national and regional maritime growth and development.

To educate, train and provide skills to graduates in the subjects related to Maritime Studies conducive to the national maritime growth and development, observing an interdisciplinary approach across humanities, law, commerce & management, and science & technology.

To empower learners with the knowledge, critical thinking skills, research acumen and focus required to address maritime challenges and harness the seas for furthering developmental goals, in an inclusive, integrated and holistic manner.

To prepare graduate students for productive careers in maritime and allied industry, academia and government. To develop multidisciplinary approach, professional skills, ethics and team work within students for life long learning in maritime and allied fields.

CEMAS will help the University of Mumbai to develop maritime consciousness and higher education, in recognition of the centrality of Mumbai to national maritime growth and development, through PG teaching and research programmes in maritime studies with an interdisciplinary approach.

Concept, Rationale and Significance

In India, there are very few Universities that are offering programmes and research opportunities in Maritime Studies, which covers a wide span of marine and maritime subjects, including humanities, law, science & technology, and commerce & management.

There is, evidently, a paucity of universities and research institutes that cater to the interests of academic and research aspects of Maritime Studies in the country and, especially, in Mumbai.

The maritime strategic importance of Mumbai, and the wide spread of important subjects under the rubric of Maritime Studies that are pivotal to the growth and well-being of India, especially Mumbai and Maharashtra,


  • SINDHU SWADHYAY SASNTHA, (SCHOOL OF INTEGRATED AQUATIC EDUCATION), CEMAS in collaboration with Department of Statistics, University of Mumbai is organizing
    - Two Days (14th & 15th March 2022)Offline Workshop On Statistics titled "Data Analysis for Beginners" commemorating the National Science Day 2022

  • Students & Faculty of CEMAS Visited Heritage Gallery “Dharohar” at Mazgaon Dock Ship Builders LTD on 15th December 2021

  • Signing of MoU between ICAR- Central Institute of Fisheries Education and University of Mumbai

  • A Webniar on "India's Maritime Strategic Imperatives" on 26th June 2021

CEMAS will have a broad based multi-disciplinary focus and will take cognizance of marine and maritime studies to cover the gamut of Maritime History, Security, Laws, Trade, Commerce, Logistics, Science and Technology. Centre will collaborate with other premium national and international organizations and institutes in the domain of marine and maritime to leverage on their strengths.The centre therefore, through the University of Mumbai will help develop maritime consciousness, boost higher education and recognize the centrality of Mumbai in national maritime growth.

CEMAS through its myriad courses will inculcate and develop the ability of the student to analyse problems,

Key Focus

  • Maritime security
  • Sustainable ocean resource utilization
  • Natural hazard and disaster
  • Livelihood based on ocean and coastal areas

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